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3-Ply Surgical Face Masks (x10 units)

In Stock
1 x Bag of 10 single-use 3-ply surgical face masks

Bactrojell Bactericidal Sanitising Jell 1L Bottle (Single unit)

In Stock
1 x Box of Bactrojell Bactericidal Sanitising Jell (x1 unit)

HanSanX 70% Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer 250ml Bottles (x12 units)

In Stock
1 x Box of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer (x12 units)

JMTO 3-Ply Face Masks (x50 units)

In Stock
1 x Box of 50 single-use 3-ply face masks.

Ruida KN95 Civilian Face Masks (x25 units)

In Stock
1 x Box of 25 KN95 civilian face masks

Simzo Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer and 100x JMTO 3-Ply Face Masks Combo

In Stock
Combo: Single infrared thermometer and 100x 3-Ply Face Masks